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A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime

I like to think that I am fiercely independent and do not require friends. Acquaintances on social media are as close as I get. Most people believe that is sad, and I guess in some ways it could be, but I have never felt the loss. However, I have recently been leafing through the pages …

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Bipolar Disorder Writing

When life gets in the way

I have not written for myself or you since July. Life finds a way…to get in the way. Where I’ve Been: For a few months, I have been too busy to write…well, that is what I’m telling myself as I ignore the computer sitting just a few feet away from me. I took on a full-time …

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Bipolar Disorder Tips

Worry for 15 Minutes or Less a Day

Don’t stop worrying; intentionally devote time to worrying. I know what you are thinking. It sounds counter-intuitive?! Surely this cannot be helpful, but it can if it is done correctly. Worry-Time Schedule 15 minutes of Worry Time every day. Start by saying, “This time is for my worries, and I will not give attention to …

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Bipolar Disorder Lifestyle Tips

Bipolar disorder is 36 Jobs in 20 Years

I have held 36 jobs in the past 20 years. I am told this is not unusual for someone struggling with mental illness like bipolar disorder. According to research, people who experience depression and cognitive dysfunction associated with bipolar disorder are more likely to have low job satisfaction, problems with being absent, and lower quality …

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