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Reading Roundup: 5 Bipolar Bloggers

These bloggers have expert knowledge, advice, and reliable performance.

I have Bipolar I Disorder, and in my quest to understand my diagnosis, I scoured the internet for information and people like me. I have been lucky enough to have found both, and I’d like to share with you my sources. The following are bloggers who have and continue to share their experiences.

The Bipolar Battle

John Poehler is an award-winning blogger, author, and mental health advocate. You can follow him on Twitter as BipolarBattle. Here are some of their articles:

International Bipolar Foundation

Written by multiple bloggers/authors, this blog is a wealth of information. — “International Bipolar Foundation envisions wellness, dignity, and respect for people living with bipolar disorder, and a world free of mental health stigma.”

Julie A. Fast

As an award-winning author, coach, and blogger extraordinaire, Julie maintains an engaging social media presence (JulieBipolar).


This blog is a collection of posts written by bloggers around the world. Each provides a unique perspective on living with bipolar disorder.

Natasha Tracy

Speaker, author, and blogger Natasha Tracy is a well-known mental health advocate.

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